Welcome to the Eastland Network Science and Technology Fair



The Eastland Network Science and Technology Fair is a great opportunity to harness the natural curiosity that children have for their surroundings. Combine that curiosity with their creative mindset, and your students can explore the world around them in depth, discover how things work, and create new solutions to improve our community and our environment.

If you’re interested in taking part please get in touch.

The competition is open to all schools and school-aged children (Years 1-13) in the Tairāwhiti region. It is also open to home school students.

Closing date for 2021 entries: to be confirmed.

All entries must be categorised as follows:


Junior Primary Science- Years 1 -3
Senior Primary- Year 4-6
Intermediate Science – Years 7 & 8
Junior Secondary Science – Years 9 & 10
Senior Secondary Science – Years 11-13


Junior Primary Technology- Years 1 -3
Senior Primary technology- Year 4-6
Intermediate Technology – Years 7 & 8
Junior Secondary Technology – Years 9 & 10
Senior Secondary Technology – Years 11-13

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Science Fair Projects must involve content of a scientific nature (demonstration) or scientific process (investigation).

Science & Technology Fair Projects can be done:

Display boards must not exceed the following dimensions:

Dangerous objects or harmful substances should not be displayed with the project.  

Research projects which cause any pain or suffering to animals or which are designed to kill animals are prohibited.  Any project with testing of people must provide written approval from the person/s involved.